Henderson residents react to shooting

As the shock wears off for Henderson residents of the tragic shooting at Atlantis Plastics, the reality sets in and many begin to mourn.

The shock waves went through Henderson, and some residents say it is still sureal.

"Everybody's like, 'It's never gonna happen here.' I mean it's a small town and when it does, it kind of hits home," Erica Duncan, resident, said.

Some residents say the reality hit Henderson so hard because it is such a tight knit community.

"I didn't realize how close this community was, but I'm sure we're all gonna feel what happened," Booker Vaughn, resident said. "It'll be something to deal with all day."

The Southside Diner is located just across the street from the plant and customers there said it's difficult to imagine something so horrible happening in their own backyard.

"It's a small little country hick town," Erica Duncan, resident, said. "And to see something like this when you wake up, and on the Today Show. It's just kind of unreal. It's breaking news right here in western kentucky. Just a hard way to make news."

As the news spreads across the Henderson community, the reality sets and the mourning begins.

The flags at the Gibbs Plant across the street from Atlantis Plastics are flying at half staff.