Taking a Stand: New Hotel Owner?

Owensboro has been breathing a sigh of relief.  The Executive Inn has a potential buyer.  The hotel is vital to the 220 million dollar a year tourism industry in the Owensboro Community-especially the Art Community with the Broadway Season and the Mystery Writers' Festival.

Evansville Businesswoman Mary Hukill has the option to buy the Owensboro Executive Inn.  She says she and her lawyers are reviewing the contract.  The financer has been yet been announced.  The plan would bring condos, music and art venues, restaurants and a smaller hotel to the downtown space.

Mary called me and left a message.  She is upset about reports in television and newspapers that question her success in past deals in Evansville.  All of these reports quote public records.  The businesswoman says she's "riding the horse to the finish line!"

We say we admire Mary Hukill's enthusiasm and entrepreneur spirit.  We hope she will be able to close the deal.  We should know for sure in the next thirty days.

Mary, we hope you are successful.  We are rooting for you.  Owensboro Executive Inn needs a good owner-someone that will support and respect a wonderful community.

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