Taking a Stand: Stay near home IV

There has been a lot of response to our series of editorials about high gas prices and local Tri-State attractions.  Here are some more of your suggestions:

Henderson is about ready to host its Handy Blues and BBQ Festival.  It starts this weekend and goes through the 14th.

Later this month, The Freedom Festival kicks off in Evansville.  There are a ton of events.  You need a $15 button to get in.

I heard from the Henager Museum-just a 15 minute drive from Evansville.  It is six dollars to get in-and you get everything from Roy Rodgers to Smokey Bear to the Grateful Dead!

And, don't forget all of the activities for the Lincoln Bicentennial!  President Lincoln was born in Kentucky, made his boyhood home in Indiana and began his career in legal and political career in Illinois.

We've found several websites for you to look at the events:  http://www.nps.gov/libo/; http://www.kylincoln.org/default.htm; http://www.lincoln200.net/index.asp.

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