Taking a Stand: Viewers respond to gas prices

There has been a lot of response to our editorial on gas prices from May 22nd.

In our news coverage, we have promised to ask tough questions and have continued coverage of the pain at the pump.

We have also asked for your input.

Many of you said the crisis will force choices.

Stephanie VanVactor says, "I can't afford medications and fuel."  She went on to say, "I don't understand why the government is always going overseas to help their hungry and their people and their children. What about our people?"

On possible solutions, Sam Smith asks, "Why aren't we hearing more about our inaction in oil exploration in Alaska and off our coastal areas, especially in Florida?  Also, we should be doing something to allow more refineries to be built.  Do you notice how we have a price spike at anytime something happens to cause an interruption in our gasoline/diesel supply pipeline?"

David Gentry points to politics.  He says, "Fuel prices manipulated by market traders needs to be banned.  Second, Liberals need to stop blocking the drilling of oil where it is available in the U.S."

Please continue to send your thoughts and possible solutions to take a stand on these gas prices!

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