Taking a Stand: Kentucky must vote!

There's a lot of speculation right now if or when Hillary Clinton will drop out of the race for President.  She says she's still in-and her attention is on Kentucky!

And just like Indiana, North Carolina and West Virginia, that means the Commonwealth still has a say in this race.

Bill Clinton will be in Owensboro and Madisonville on Friday-asking you to vote for his wife.

In all, 51 Democratic Delegates are up for grabs. And it's not just the Presidential vote.  There are other key races.  Republicans and Democrats will be picking local, state and national candidates for the November Election.

And, there are non-partisan races, like the race for Owensboro Mayor. Our country and our communities face tremendous challenges.

Picking the right people for the job is a civic duty we can't ignore.

Kentucky make us proud!

Like Indiana, we hope you break voting records on Tuesday.  Then, stay tuned right here on 14 News and we'll tell you the results!

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