Taking a Stand: Viewers respond to tragic death

Last week, we talked about the horrible death of a 3-year-old.

Investigators said the child who died, Kalab Lay, and his brothers and sisters were all abused and neglected.

His parents are in jail charged with murder and waiting for trial.

The Sheriff says someone should have seen something.  We suggested that we should all become nosey neighbors.

Joanne from Evansville called me and says this will cause retribution.  She says, "Are you trying to get people shot?  You're going to stir up trouble.  People just don't care.  This falls on the judgment of the court!"

There is some question about how and why the kids were returned from foster care to the parents.

And one foster mother tells me the problem lies with the state.  She said, "As a foster parent, I know firsthand the State level of the Department of Child Services is encouraging the local offices and family case managers to get these kids back in the home of their birth parents to defray costs. Citizens need to take a stand and demand changes!"

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