Taking a Stand: Be a nosey neighbor

It is a story that has outraged the Tri-State-a three year old beaten to death.  His parents are charged with murder.

He died at the Eastbrook Mobile Home Park.

It has us asking a question-what can we do?  We're going to suggest something in a minute.  But first, the case.

Three year old Kalab Lay died last month of blunt force trauma.  Four other children in the home showed signs of abuse.  His mother and father, Amanda Brooks and Terry Lay are in jail awaiting trial.

Investigators say the abuse was obvious.  Someone should have seen something.

Vanderburgh Sheriff Eric Williams suggests and we agree that the solution is for us to become nosey neighbors.

We're nice people in the Tri-State.  We don't want to get in someone's business.  But-if someone had said something-would it have saved Kalab?

If you see signs of abuse or a crime, call someone.  Call 911.  Let's get to know and stand up for our neighbors.

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