Toddler abandoned at IN Wal-Mart

By Richard Essex
Posted by Mike Mardis

Authorities in Frankfort, Indiana are looking for the person who abandoned a child at a Wal-Mart Monday afternoon.

The 2-year-old boy was found wandering alone in the store. He was wearing a backpack that had a note inside saying the mother could no longer care for him.

Officials in Frankfort say they want to get the boy back to his family.

"We would like to reunite this kid with his family, Detective Frank Ward, Frankford Police, said. "It's got to be very tragic for him. He is only two years old and in a strange place he doesn't recognize anyone."

The only clues police have are a hand written note along with a bottle and diapers found in a pack back he was wearing.

Police said he is two and a half years old, weighs about 30 pounds and was found wondering around the fabric section in the Frankfort Wal-Mart .

"When I was there, when they were looking for the mother, you could hear on the PA system they had the child in the customer service area," Dr. Sam Powers, Frankfort Police, said, "that who ever found the child that they were not capable of caring for the child and they couldn't care for the child any longer and they were afraid the child was going to starve."

The notes they found in the boys backpack said that his name was Martin. The foster parents tell police he doesn't answer to the name Martin.

Police believe the parents are from Guatemala, moved to Frankfort a year ago and now may be on the road again.