Update: Executive Inn checking out on Sunday

Update, Fri 9:45 pm: Beginning Monday morning Owensboro's Chamber of Commerce will begin compiling a list of people interested in providing housing and hospitality for guests who were booked to stay at the Executive Inn.

If you'd like to volunteer call the chamber at 270-926-1860.

If you'd like to host a guest that's coming in for the International Mystery Writers Festival call the Riverpark Center at 270-687-2770.

Update, Fri 8:30 pm: The Executive Inn has been on shaky ground before, but the last week has been a whole new chapter for the hotel.

Public Relations Director Heath Eric  said word the Big E was closing came suddenly and was a shock to everyone.

"I think anytime anybody gets news, such as the news that we were given today it's tough, it's a grief process. The Executive Inn Rivermont has been an Owensboro establishment for 30 years. Tourism as we know would not exist without the Executive Inn Rivermont," he said.

But what led up to this point?

On Tuesday, attorneys for Marshall Investments and the court appointed receiver of the hotel were in court because the investment group had not finalized the sale of the hotel.

Steven Baer, the receiver of the property, told Judge Thomas Castlen the hotel would not have enough money to pay employees through mid-June.

Baer wanted official notice given to the employees.

On Thursday Judge Castlen ruled in favor of giving official notice to employees that the hotel might close its doors.

Friday Marshall Investments issued that notice and told employees the hotel would close on Monday.

Posted by Rachel Folz

14 News has learned from multiple sources that Owensboro's Executive Inn will close its doors on Sunday.

Confidential sources tell 14 News that the mortgage holder of the hotel has decided to close the doors and cease operations as of this coming Sunday.