Reitz athlete has interesting journey to finals

Reporter: Chris Goodman
New Media Producer: Melissa Greathouse

Kylie Dossett will have some interesting stories to tell about her track career once it's said and done.

You may remember Dossett is the girl who stumbled at the finish line two years ago in the city track meet.

"My hips aren't underneath, I went to lean and finish and I had to tuck my head because I knew I was going down and gravity did the rest,"she said.

And while that was a very memorable and funny moment, Kylie would like to forget what happened at sectionals in Mt. Vernon this year.

She looked to be on her way to victory but Dossett got tripped up again.

The fall prevented her chance at state in the 110 hurdles.

A devastating moment for someone who had worked so hard and spent so much time preparing.

"I just said you are a leader on this team, you got to step up and pull it together because you still have two more opportunities to go to state. So you've got to do it for the team. How much do you want this?" said coach Becky Owens.

The advice paid off. Not only did Kylie rebound to win the Sectionals in the 300.

She didn't flinch in the Regionals either, clearing every hurdle on her way to the title and her much coveted trip to state.

"I needed to come back because track is everything to me. And I love running. To come back, after that heartbreak, was so great. I just needed it," Dossett said.

"I think she knew after that disappointment, she was going to have to something about it. She was going to have to step it up," said Owens.

A little proof that perseverance paid off.

Dossett's path to state may have been a little different, but she says wouldn't change a thing.

"I wouldn't trade anything, this is how it's supposed to be, I love it."