Super Bowl coming to Indiana

The 2012 Super Bowl is coming to Indianapolis.

NFL owners voted Tuesday in Atlanta to award the game to Indianapolis, picking the city over Houston and Arizona. Indianapolis narrowly lost out to Dallas last year in its bid for the 2011 game.

The city's bid for Super Bowl XLVI, which will cap the 2011 season, emphasized the new $700 million retractable-roof Lucas Oil Stadium. Indianapolis also has experience hosting major sporting events such as the NCAA Final Four and the Indianapolis 500.  The Super Bowl would likely take place February 5, 2012.

Of the 42 Super Bowls played thus far, only three have been played indoors in cold-weather cities. Detroit in 1982 and 2006 and Minneapolis in 1992.

"We are going to throw one heck of a party," said Indianapolis bid committee vice-president Jack Swarbrick.  "It is going to be a great celebration. We think it will be like nothing you've ever seen because we are going to turn our city over to this event. As our governor once said 'when you come to our town, you own the joint.' And the NFL will own the joint in 2012."

However, that season could be marred by labor trouble.  NFL owners have voted unanimously to shorten their labor agreement, meaning the current contract with the union will end in 2011 instead of 2013.

Club owners have been concerned that the current deal leans too far toward the players, who now get 60 percent of total team revenues. Owners also cite a decline in profits due to economic conditions.

Gene Upshaw, the executive director of the NFLPA, has been predicting this the last few months and last weekend referred to the owners as "greedy." A new deal must be in place by March of 2009 to avoid a 2010 season without a salary cap. However, the NFL says that even without a new agreement there will be no interruption of play for at least the next three seasons.