Otters prep for new season

Reporter: Rich Miller
New Media Producer: Melissa Greathouse

The official opening day isn't for a week for the Evansville Otters, but there is plenty of activity as the Otters prepare for their Jacobs Village exhibition on Friday night.

No one walks around Bosse Field these days without doing something: checking a computer screen, transporting tables, hanging up T-shirts, making a phone call on the move.

Even the radio broadcaster grabs a power tool when necessary. "Part of the job description," said Jason Troop.

And part of the preparation for the four months of baseball to come.

"It's unbelievable," said Otters general manager Liam Miller. "We've got people are moving around left and right."

Fans are coming in to buy tickets and they're noticing some changes outside the park.

A picnic area for one with a bier stube and seating for about 150.

"Before we didn't have very much room for anything out here and now they've got plenty of room for everything," said fan Albert Mueller.

"On those really busy nights, people were shoulder to shoulder," said Miller. "Really we're just making it more comfortable and more of a relaxed atmosphere."

There is a lot of activity around the outside of the ballpark. Inside, players are finding their way around Bosse field and also around town.

"I've picked up the nickname Tom-Tom," said pitcher Justin Jordan. "I know where everything is since I'm the old man on the team. They ask me where to go and I know how to get there!"

So with memories from last year preserved in scrapbooks by devoted fans, it's time to see if this year's team can create some new ones.

"With a brand a brand new coaching staff on the field and a completely new team it's going to be another learning experience but one we are looking forward to tackling," Miller said