Clinton hopes for another look from superdelegates

The day after her blowout win in West Virginia, Senator Hillary Clinton is trying to convince democratic superdelegates to jump off the Obama bandwagon and to take another look at her.

He lost the blue collar vote by a big margin in West Virginia, and today Barack Obama was courting working class democrats in Michigan.

"You need someone who is listening to your voice," Obama said. "You need somebody who cares about working people and is gonna fight for them each and every day when they're in the White House."

Obama's problem is that blue collar democrats in West Virginia and other swing states said, in effect, Obama's not that someone,

Race is part of the problem. 20 percent of white West Virginia democrats said that figured in their vote.

Hillary Clinton, who's bragged that she's winning the white, blue collar vote, made her post West Virginia pitch to superdelegates today.

"Clearly the pitch is look at the states that she has won," said senior Clinton advisor Terry McAuliffe. "She wins the key swing states that we as democrats gotta win in the general election."

Obama backer Ray Romer says no way. "I just don't see any way that the superdelegates can break in a way that gives Hillary the nomination."

Democrats got good news about November last night .

Democrat Travis childers won a Mississippi House seat that had been republican despite TV ads linking childers to Barack Obama and Reverend Jeremiah wright.

Democratic leaders say voters get their message, "That democrats are the party of change and republicans are the party of the status quo," said Rep. Rahm Emanuel, head of the Democratic Caucus.

Change is Obama's main message.

He won at least 3 more superdelegate endorsements today.

Clinton's plea to superdelegates is to not endorse and not commit for 3 more weeks 'until the primaries end.