Two super delegates switch to Obama

New Media Producer: Mike Mardis

Two democratic super delegates announced they are switching their support from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama.

That means Obama has cut Clinton's once-commanding super delegate lead down to four, and he's 159 ahead in the overall delegate count.

Obama was on the campaign trail in Oregon Saturday. Even though he isn't quite declaring victory, he's sharpening his aim on Republican John McCain and the general election.

Meanwhile, Clinton vowed to fight on at a Mother's Day weekend celebration in New York.

"Let's keep going," Clinton said, "Stay with me. This is a great adventure, and we're going to make history."

"The primary's not over," Obama said, "and you know, Senator Clinton has been an extraordinary and formidable candidate."

Clinton needs a strong showing on Tuesday in West Virginia, but Obama is counting on the May 20 contests in Oregon and Kentucky to add to his lead.