Are you a rotten neighbor?

Reporter: Dan Katz
New Media Producer: Amanda Lents

Do you wish that dog next door would stop barking?  Or those people down the block would clean up their yard?

There's no guarantee your problem will be solved. But there is a way to let the world know how rotten those neighbors are.

It used to be that disputes were solved the old fashioned way, neighbor to neighbor, but now you can let the whole world know how you really feel.

Being a rotten neighbor isn't what it used to be. Disputes have gone from down the block to the World Wide Web.

These rotten neighbors include everything from trashy yards to drug houses to folks partying into the wee hours of the morning.

You can now tattle on the on a web clearinghouse of sorts. You just type the city in the search window and up pops a map. The red houses are occupied by those so called rotten neighbors.

The site isn't even a year old, but thousands of web surfers are logging on and ratting out.

Darlene Combs home in downtown Evansville is on the receiving end of a neighborhood gripe.

The anonymous author told Combs to "let all the men be and get a real life."

Combs says, "I wish there was a man here. I've been a widow for eight years. They're mistaken. I work every day. I don't have time for men."

An east side home was flagged for loud music and fireworks, but it wasn't all bad, the blogger also said he keeps an eye on the neighborhood.

Reaction on the street to this new way of airing dirty laundry is mixed.

Resident Gary Stuckey says, "If I did do anything like that I'd have to be prepared for the neighbor to come back at me with his own comments."

Resident Paula Campbell says, "Probably be good for some if they're really really nasty neighbors." markets itself as a real estate search engine but some realtors are not sold on that.

Realtor Carol McClintock says, "So somebody gets on and they see something negative about that neighbor, it may hurt me in selling my own home. So I don't really see any positive with this whole website."

Neither does Combs, "Whoever put this on the website, I'd like to tell you very kindly to get me off of the website, because it is not true. I don't even do drugs. I get drug tested at work, so no, it's not a drug house, it's not a whore house, or whatever you wanna call it, so please, take me off the website."

Good neighbors also show up on the website occasionally but with a name like rotten neighbor, those reports are few and far between.