Unsolved Crimes Update

Last week we had our crime solvers phone bank taking tips on unsolved crimes throughout the Tri-State.

Several agencies say they received good solid tips that they are in the process of checking out.

They say every bit of information they receive helps but people need to remember this isn't a made for TV movie.

Doug Schneider/epd:"I wish we could accomplish what they do on TV in 60 minutes but unfortunately the reality of police work and investigations is really slow," said Dough Schneider of the Evansville Police Department.

Schneider says they were pleasantly surprised about the information they received from 14 News viewers in regards to some of their cold cases.

"I think it worked out really well," Schneider said. "We had the opportunity to receive a number of good tips and information. "

Both Evansville police and the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's office didn't want to divulge which cases they received tips as to not jeopardize those leads, but both say it was information they are already diving into.

"Your're looking for that key piece that helps bring things together," said Vanderburgh County Sheriff Eric Williams. "That takes time, a lot of research, a lot of effort. "

City, county and state detectives in Henderson received tips on a number of cases, such as the Scott Fambrough and Danny Caldwell murder cases, the Danny Gibson missing persons case and several bank robberies.

"Sometimes it leads the investigation in the right direction and sometimes it doesn't but you have to look into every single one of them," said Henderson Detective Sean Onstatt.

Detective John Book says in the Caldwell case they received new tips on some of the same names they've heard in the past, leading him to believe this case was committed by more than one person and will one day be solved.

Better for them to come forward, than for the police to come find them?

"It's too late then," said Book. "The first one in to us usually gets the better break."

And those weren't the only agencies who received good leads.

We also heard from Warrick County, Owensboro, Perry County, Ohio County and Posey County which wasn't even featured originally, that they are investigating tips regarding cases in their area they received through our phone bank.