Unsolved Murder: Marvin Rowe

Marvin Rowe, WFIE Archives
Marvin Rowe, WFIE Archives

April 21, 1989

Beaver Dam, KY

April 21, 1989, Marvin Rowe of Beaver Dam was found shot, stabbed and beaten to death just outside the Ohio County line on U.S. 231 in Butler County.

Firefighters arrived to what they thought was a car fire, but quickly discovered Rowe's body between the car and an abandoned house.

Both the car and house were on fire.

Investigators described Rowe's death as overkill and said a death that violent usually indicates the victim knew his killer.

Many leads were checked over the years, but no one has ever been charged in Mr. Rowe's death.

In June of this 2009, the Henderson State Police Post received some information in relation to this case, and this was passed on to the investigating officers.

Police are seeking additional information and are encouraging anyone who may have information to contact the Kentucky State Police in Henderson at 270-826-3312 or the Kentucky State Police in Bowling Green at 270-782-2010.