Unsolved Crimes: Ohio County Men

James Woodard, courtesy Gay Cook
James Woodard, courtesy Gay Cook

Reporter: Stefanie Silvey
New Media Producer: Melissa Greathouse

UTICA, KY (WFIE) - After more than a decade, police have begun to break a cold case.

Back in October of 2008, investigators found the remains of three men in a lake near Utica, KY.

Their bodies were in a van that was submerged.  Officials estimate that the van was under water for 10 years.

In March of 2010, medical investigators identified the body of James Woodard, one of the missing men.

The identities of the other two men are still being investigated but Bryan Raley, and Bill Gross disappeared November 25th, 1998 along with Woodard.

All three were last seen together in a 1974 maroon and silver van with Kentucky license plate  9044-CE at a home in Hartford, Kentucky.

Days later, acting on a tip, law enforcement in Owensboro busted one of the county's biggest meth labs on Todd Bridge Road arresting 31 year old Brian Terry.

While there, cadaver dogs picked up a strong scent of human remains in a nearby pit.

No bodies were ever found, but detectives thought the scent may have come from Raley, Woodward and Gross who were acquaintances of Terry's.

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