Update: Consultants report on Roberts Stadium released

New Media Producer: Amanda Lents

Update, Thur 2:25 am: The city of Evansville has received the final conclusions and recommendations for Roberts Stadium from Gateway Consultants.

Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel's Communications Director Audra Levy says this is not a final decision when it comes to the fate of Roberts Stadium.

She adds, "This is not the end of the process and this is not what the city will do. This is simply a summary of facts and conclusions from Gateway Consultants, who were hired by the city to conduct a needs assessment to determine Evansville's present and future requirements for an arena type facility."

The city's next step will be that the Roberts Stadium Advisory Board will meet with a facilitator and come up with their list of recommendations for the city about the future of Roberts Stadium.

Executive Summary Analysis of a Proposed Evansville Arena XIV Conclusions & Recommendations:

The following recommendations are based on year's worth of long work in Evansville and with the input of literally a 1,000 residents.

  • Evansville needs a new multi-purpose indoor sports and entertainment venue
  • Roberts Stadium cannot be renovated in a cost effective manner to satisfy this need.
  • The community should build a new arena.
  • The arena should be located in Downtown Evansville.
  • The arena should be a multi-purpose arena equipped with permanent ice, suites, club seats and modern amenities containing approximately 8,600 fixed seats with a 10,000 seat capacity which would be appropriate for Evansville.
  • The community should form a public/private partnership to develop the funding stream for this venue.
  • The Roberts Stadium site should be redeveloped with a non-competing use.

Recommendations for next steps in the process:

  • Determine the exact site and obtain control of same.
  • Finalize a funding plan in principle.
  • Engage an architect and engineering team to begin the design process.
  • Engage a construction manager and an operator for the facility as early as possible.
  • Enter into a new legal arrangement with the University of Evansville.
  • Pursue a professional hockey franchise.
  • Perform a Feasibility Analysis on a water park concept for the Roberts Stadium Site.

Update, Thurs 12:40 pm: The final report from the city's consultants suggest Evansville should build a new stadium to replace Roberts Stadium and suggest the stadium should be built at one of nine downtown, or near downtown locations.

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Web Producer: Mike Mardis

The final report from the consultant hired by the city to look into new plans for the new Roberts Stadium will be released later today.

This report will not determine the final location of the stadium as we had previously reported.

14 News will release the information to our viewers as soon as it becomes available.