Unsolved Murder: Billie Scott Fambrough

The Henderson Police Department is hoping you can help them solve a homicide. It happened in 2008 and it has investigators baffled.

"He didn't deserve this," Mildred Dean Brack, the mother of the victim, said, "He was a good man, he was a loving son."

Henderson police are truly perplexed about who would want Billie Scott Fambrough dead.

Detective Shane Onstott said the case is "very, extremely bizarre so far."

By all accounts, Fambrough was a likeable person, a hard worker who kept his nose out of trouble.

"We have so many questions about it too," Onstott said, "From first appearances it would seem that he was comfortable with whoever was there with him in the house, that he wasn't alarmed."

A scenario that haunts his mother.

"Oh God, just to find out anything, anything," Brack said, "Just somebody who talked to him last, or saw him last, what happened, was he scared, you know, did he know it was coming?"

Detectives said Fambrough was last seen alive March 17 around dark at his home at 1106 Atkinson Street.

"He had, right before dark, walked to the next door neighbor's house and had his guitar with him and asked if he could play his guitar for them and the neighbor had family members over at the time so he declined the offering," Onstott said.

Investigators said he ran into another friend and went to her house to play guitar for her before she dropped him off back at his home around dark.

"Obviously he found someone that unfortunately took his life and that's why we were here," Onstott said.

It was Fambrough's live-in girlfriend who found him the next afternoon. The house was locked including a screen door she didn't have a key to, so she went in a window with the help of Fambrough's step father.

Fambrough was found on the couch with a single gunshot wound to the head, guitar still in hand.

"There is nothing that we can find out of the ordinary," Onstott said, "Nothing out of place, nothing taken."

"They just took him and it was like somebody cut me in two and half of my body, half of me is gone," Brack said, "I'll never have him back to ever hold again.

"Surely somebody cares, somebody cares, they went into his home, somebody should care."

Anyone with information in this case, no matter how small, is urged to call detective Onstott at 270-831-1295.