Unsolved Murder: Denice Duncan

Henderson County, Kentucky

The case of Denice Duncan is being treated as a homicide even though it couldn't be determined exactly how she died due to deterioration of the body.

Investigators say the body was clearly hidden in a shed at a vacant home at 435 South Alvasia Street.

Duncan's car was found a day later, which investigators found odd since they had been searching for it for months.

Investigators believe the disappearance of Henderson native, Tiffany Phelps is likely related to the killing of Denice Duncan.

Tiffany's aunt Glendora Smith says in one of her last conversations with her niece, Tiffany told her she was keeping her belongings at a friends' house on Alvasia Street.

That's the same street Denice Duncan's body was later found. Tiffany Phelps or any of her belongings have not been located since January 2006. Tiffany was 30 at the time she disappeared.

If you have any information in this case contact Henderson Police.