Former NYPD detective working Teague case

A retired New York City police detective arrived in Evansville to help solve the cold case of a missing western Kentucky woman.

Heather Teague disappeared from Newburgh Beach in Henderson county 13 years ago.

Heather's mother Sara contacted Gil Alba, a retired veteran cop who's now a private investigator. He's expected to spend several days looking at the case.

The man police called their key suspect killed himself when state police surrounded his home.

"It's really having another look at it," said Alba. "I'm sure they looked at everything, but there's always somebody else or something else that you can find. This happened in 1995. It's surprising how witnesses can come from that long ago and come forward and that's what I'm looking for. People to come forward and talk to me while I'm here."

There will a remembrance of Heather's 36th birthday... At 6:30 Friday night at Victory Church in Madisonville.