Update: Arson count up to nine in nine days

Reporter: Stefanie Silvey
Web Producer: Mike Mardis

Update, Sat. 5:00 pm: There was another car arson in Evansville Friday night.

This makes nine arsons in nine days. Evansville fire and police investigators said most of the vehicle fires happened in the same neighborhood along Tennessee, North Main, Florida, and Eichel and one fire outside a night club.

The latest fire was on Illinois Street. There is no word yet on whether the most resent fire is connected to the others.

Previously: Eight arsons in eight days. That's what Arson and Evansville Police Investigators have on their hands as more vehicle fires occurred Thursday night.

All but one of the fires are within a few blocks of each other and investigators are hoping you can help stop these arsonists before things escalate.

Not even a guard dog deterred a very busy arsonist from setting a camper on fire, which in turn caught the garage on fire next to it.

Ralph Wells, whose care was set ablaze, didn't even know that was a threat.

"Well, didn't know nothing about it," Wells said.

Wells just got his car up and running again, but it was of no use to him Friday night when he needed it.

"I came out here and seen this and I've been beside myself ever since," Wells said.

A car at his next door neighbor's home was the first to be set on fire.

"He said by the time he went inside and got him a smoke, and came back out, the car was in flames," Wells said, "And the fire department was up the street putting out a car, looked down the street and seen this car on fire."

Eight fires in eight days and all extremely close to one another, except one.

"We had one out of the neighborhood at Gloria's Tavern," Jesse Storey, an EFD arson investigator, said, "We have not ruled it out as being related."

Danielle Etienne owns the vehicle at Gloria's Corral.

"There was some paper in there that didn't belong to me," Etienne, "It looked like a grade school workbook type sheet so he took that and hopefully he can get some print off of that."

All of the fires were set inside the car, meaning whoever is setting them faces not only a number of arson charges, but burglary charges as well.

"Your looking at felony charges," Storey said, "so if you are old enough to do the crime, you know what they say, you are old enough to do the time."

Storey said it appears most of the vehicles set on fire were unlocked at the time, but Ralph Wells said his arsonist politely locked his up after setting it on fire.

"I was so angry," Wells said.

Anyone with information could be eligible for rewards up to $5,000 if the information leads to a conviction in the case.

Or you can make the call anonymously. The number to call is (812)-426-7336.