Childcare professionals find resources and information at annual conference

By Louis La Plante

More than 500 childcare providers and early childhood professionals will be in attendance at the Early Childhood Conference on Saturday, March 15 at Crossroads Christian Church from 7 am to 1 pm.

The event is geared to teaching and assisting childcare professionals with 46 workshops covering issues like school readiness, child development, nutrition and parental involvement.

The keynote speaker will be Mr. Al, a national speaker on childhood development and a songwriter and recorder of 20 children's albums.

He spent more than a decade teaching children in a classroom environment.

The event is sponsored by 4C of Southern Indiana, Inc., a nonprofit childcare resource and referral agency.

Erin Ramsey, Executive Director of 4C of Southern Indiana, Inc., says, "Since 85 percent of a child's capacity to learn is determined by the age of 5, 4C continually offers professional development opportunities. It is absolutely critical that early childhood professionals and families understand their role and the life-long impact it has on children."