Minimally Invasive Treatment for Varicose Veins

The VNUS® Closure®  procedure is yet another example of a Deaconess First.  Again, we're introducing our community to the future of healthcare - a future with less invasive procedures, less pain, faster recoveries and more cost-effective treatments. This time, we're helping patients who suffer from superficial venous reflux, a condition that can cause unsightly varicose veins and the associated swelling, pain and fatigue.

The Closure procedure is a welcome alternative to the traditional surgical process called vein stripping. Compare the two treatments below.

 Closure Procedure

Vein Stripping

Minimally invasive Invasive surgical procedure
Requires only local or regional anesthesia  Requires general anesthesia
Outpatient/day surgery  Inpatient surgery with hospital stay
Return to normal activities in 1-2 days Recovery to normal activities may take several weeks
Small incision or skin puncture Larger surgical incision
Minimal or no scarring  More scarring
Virtually no bruising or pain  Bruising and pain may be significant
No stitches required Stitches required
Cost-effective  More expensive due to necessity of general anesthesia, invasive surgery and hospital stay

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