ridings captured

Reporter: Stuart Peck
New Media Producer: Nick Storm

Police arrested Joshua Ridings Tuesday afternoon in Daviess County, Kentucky. Ridings had been on the run after escaping from the Warrick County Jail Sunday night.

Police have been working around the clock to find Joshua Ridings. On Monday detectives interviewed acquaintances of Ridings and followed several leads but still no Ridings.

Tuesday just after 12:00 pm police got just what they were looking for. The FBI says it was a tip that lead police to a mobile home park on Reid Road in Daviess County.

"We've interviewed a lot of folks in the community, and as a result of that early this morning we received a tip that he was in this area and we were able to further confirm that by a detailed investigation and found him at that trailer," says James Hendricks of the FBI.

Just after 12 pm an explosion rang out as Owensboro's critical response team entered the home where they found 28-year-old Joshua Ridings.

"We were able to confirm that Mr. Ridings was located in the residence and he was by himself and it presented a perfect opportunity for us to make a safe entry and to arrest Mr. Ridings," says Glenn Skeens of the Owensboro Police Department.

Ridings, who had been on the run since Sunday night was at the home by himself. He was taken to the Owensboro Police Department where he was questioned. Owensboro Police Chief Glenn Skeens says he's impressed with how well all the agencies involved worked together. Now Owensboro and Daviess County residents can breath a little easier.

"We feel relieved, especially for the residents of Owensboro and Daviess County. We consider Mr. Ridings dangerous and we're quite confident that we would find him and we're certainly very happy that he is in custody right now where he needs to be, " says Skeens.

Ridings is in federal custody and is currently lodged in the Daviess County Detention Center. At some point he will be extradited to West Virginia to face charges of kidnapping and raping a minor there.