14 News Preview: House of Hoarders

How many pets are too many? Five, ten or maybe 100?

Thursday on 14 News at 10 pm Stephanie Silvey takes a look into the lives of others in the
Tri-State, lives that may be classified as a little different than our own.

Many people consider themselves animal lovers, but some can claim the title to the extreme.

People like Dolores Zimmerman of Gibson County who has more than one hundred pets.

Zimmerman says, "The most I ever had was in the 1990's. I think I had 200."

On her property Zimmerman has cats, dogs, rabbits, chickens, ducks and a turkey.

Psychiatrist Dr. Louis Cady says dolores zimmerman is the best kind of hoarder. Despite the large number, her animals are healthy and loved.

Dr. Cady says, "She very clearly derives an emotional benefit and support from the animals. She clearly loves them. I was very impressed that all the cats had names, the dogs looked happy."

But often times the cases are much more disturbing like one in recent years in Spencer County.

Join Stephanie Silvey Thursday on 14 News at 10 pm as she takes a look at the eccentric to the downright disturbing in her special report, House of Hoarders.