Storm safety tips

Meteorologist: Chad Sewich
New Media Producer: Nick Storm

Whenever severe weather hits, 14 News takes dozens of phone calls from people wanting to know what to do if the storm moves there way. Meteorologist Chad Sewich has come up with some safety tips for some of the more common questions.

The November 6th tornado killed 25 people, all were in mobile homes. Manufactured homes are vulnerable places to be during high winds and tornadoes as they have little anchoring them to the ground.

If you live in a mobile home, your severe weather plan should include where to go if storms threaten before they move in. A sturdy structure is your best bet, but you need to make those plans ahead of time.

If you're in an apartment, go to the lowest floor and into a windowless room, possibly a laundry room. Bring a pillow to cover your head.

Other dangerous places to be during a storm include a car. In a famous video from 1991, a news crews and other drivers take cover under an overpass as the tornado sweeps over them. They survive, but mostly due to luck. Overpasses are a terrible place to be as winds tend to sweep debris underneath. Most people are hurt or killed during storms due to flying debris.

If you can't make it to a building, the best idea is to get into a ditch face down, with your arms covering your head. Be careful of possible floodwaters.

Our 14 listens phone bank is on standby tonight, and we have staff ready to take damage reports and give basic safety tips if need be.

If you have storm safety questions call: (812) 433-3400 or 1-800-956-1414