Wednesday Severe Weather Update

Dozens of watches and warnings.

A number of reported funnel cloud and tornado touchdown sightings.

Wednesday's storms had all the makings of a disaster, but it didn't happen. When the clouds finally broke from wave after wave of storm cells, there appeared to be no significant damage or serious injury. Other than a church fire possibly sparked by lightening in Henderson, the only damage appears to be some hail damage in southern Illinois and Posey County in Indiana.

In fact, southern Illinois was the worst hit, with a confirmed tornado touchdown near Equality, and golf ball size hail in White County. The hail image you see here is courtesy of Larry Choate of Carmi.

Check below for a time line of the storms as we reported them Wednesday afternoon and evening. Check out the streaming video clips of Jeff's analysis of the storms and reports from around the tri-state on the results.

Update, 8:40pm: All of the active severe weather warnings have expired except flash flood warnings for Posey and Vanderburgh counties. We have not had any reports yet of significant damage or injuries.

Update, 7:40pm: The severe weather lingers over western Kentucky. There are more reports of funnel clouds and hail in Webster, Daviess and Ohio counties.

6:40pm: There is a new tornado warning for Gallatin and Posey Counties. Yet another cell is moving across from the west. Movement is east at 50mph.

6:35pm: There is a tornado warning for Vanderburgh County now. The cell prompting the warning is moving southeast from Posey County.

6:20pm: There is a tornado warning in Posey County. Posey dispatch confirms a tornado touch down near the Posey/Vanderburgh county line.

5:55pm: Tornado warnings have been issued for Henderson and Daviess counties. Movement is to the southeast at 20mph. The warning will expire at 6:30pm. A storm spotter in the center of Mt. Vernon reports a funnel cloud in Mt. Vernon.

5:40pm: There is a tornado warning for Union County. This storm is moving east. Daviess and Henderson counties are now under severe thunderstorm warnings until 6:30pm. A storm spotter in Posey County reports heavy rain, hail and lightening.

5:25pm: There is a new tornado warning for Gallatin County, Illinois. There is a tornado confirmed on the ground at Equality. That storm will reach Shawneetown shortly.

5:10pm: Severe Thunderstorm warnings have been issued for Henderson and Vanderburgh Counties. Hail up to 2 inches is coming from this storm. Power lines are down in the Haubstadt area.

4:45pm: There are tornado warnings now for Gallatin, White, and Posey counties. The storm track now shows it reaching Evansville about 5:20pm. This is a dangerous storm which has already produced high winds and hail.

4:25pm: Storm Team spotters in Carmi are reporting extensive hail, dime size to golf ball size from these storms. The storms are tracking east at 40mph and will reach Mt. Vernon in about 20 minutes and Evansville between 5:30 and 6:00pm CDT

4:15pm:  White County is under a severe thunderstorm warning now. Under the present path, the storms will reach the Evansville area around 6pm.

4pm Wed. There are numerous severe weather watches and warnings out now. Tune to Newswatch 14 for updates. Storm Team spotters report up to golf ball size hail in Wayne and Clay counties in southern Illinois.

This is the second bad storm for the area in three days. Wayne County was hit hard by an F-3 tornado on Sunday afternoon with one fatality and numerous injuries.