New Media Producer: Nick Storm

Christopher Allen Bratcher, 29, .

According to the Fulton County Kentucky Shefiff's department, Bratcher was in jail fin Henderson County for auto theft because the Fulton County Jail is over crowded. He was then transported back to Fulton County and escaped an "unlocked"  minimum security facility on December 8th according to the jailer in Fulton County.  They say he then stole a truck, drove out into the county (Fulton) and stole another truck..(one had keys in ignition, the other in the glove box) and drove to Evansville in the 2003 GMC Extended Cab truck....and officers got information he was in a garage at 104 East Maryland, in Evansville yesterday.   He was taken into custody for 2 warrants in Vanderburgh County and one in Warrick County.  He told officers he didnt know anything about a stolen truck.  While in the squad car, a detective  pulled up and said he thinks he found the truck on the next block up.  The suspect (Bratcher) then stated, "F____ it." I might as well cut the bull___."  "The keys are in my back pocket and the truck is in the next block."  It was recovered at 110 east Oregon.  He was in the Vanderburgh County jail awaiting extradition back to Kentucky.