Three high school students, killed in a Sunday car crash, are remembered by their friends at Reitz High Tuesday.

Sixteen-year-old Jonathan Teer, 16-year-old Billy Beckham, and 18-year-old Ryan Blume were remembered by their classmates and friends.

Family members say Blume had a promising future ahead of him.

The 18-year-old recently bought a house and signed up to join the Navy. Blume wasn't just thinking about himself, he was taking care of his family.

Blume and his 17-year-old wife Charish eloped last Christmas and now Charish can barely look at pictures of her husband.

Charish says, "I wouldn't even look at it. Then his mom came up to me and showed it to me and I just started screaming. I don't want to think about it."

Charish is referring to Sunday's accident on the Lloyd Expressway. The crash took Ryan's life and his two best friends', 16-year-olds Billy Beckham and Jonathan Teer.

Charish says Ryan was picking up his two friends from a pizza place, "We were watching a movie and I fell asleep. He woke me up, gave me a kiss good-bye, told me he was picking them up and he would be right back."

But Charish says within 15 minutes she felt something was wrong, "I was worried about it whenever I heard the sirens. I was over at my cousin's house freaking out trying to figure out how to get a hold of them. We called Ci-Ci's and nobody knew."

Later Charish and the rest of Ryan's family learned the boys were gone.

Ryan's foster parent and cousin Jeremy Ward says, "When you lose three of them like this it's just I mean it's like losing three of your own."

Ward says Ryan signed up to join the Navy in hopes of becoming a doctor someday. Ryan never made it to basic training, but he'll be honored like a hero.

Ward says, "Everybody in the family was afraid that he would have never gotten to wear his blues, but I talked to his recruiter and he will get to be buried in his uniform."

Memorial funds have been set up for all three victims. Billy Beckham's fund is set up at Integra Bank. Both Jonathan Teer and Ryan Blume have funds set up at Old National Bank.