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Fired TJ Maxx worker talks with 14 News

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Reporter: Drew Speier
New Media Producer: Amanda Lents

T.J. Maxx employees continue to speak out against management.

The TJ Maxx contract doesn't expire until next summer but from what we are hearing here at 14 News you'd think the employees were ready to go on strike.

Last Friday we showed you a rally outside the Evansville distribution center. The workers complained they were being discriminated against and fired for, among other things, not meeting an hourly, workload requirement.

We're being told that little has changed since our story last week. In fact, one person at the distribution center Wednesday shouted to our news crew as he was walking into the plant and said they, the employees, are being treated worse since our story aired.

Pat and Louie Delgado live on a fixed income on Evansville's eastside. In June, after nine years on the job at TJ Maxx, Pat says she had a bad feeling.

Pat says, "I'm going to get fired and I told him they're after me."

It turns out Pat was right. Pat, who worked on the receiving dock, got a tap on the shoulder from her supervisor.

Pat says, "He said 'Pat I need you to get your supplies and meet me up front.'" 

After nine years of service, Pat had been fired. Her problems with TJ Maxx began in November of last year. 

Pat says the problem was, "Output per hour."

Pat, and all employees were given a quota to meet and when Pat couldn't meet hers she was given a green write-up notice citing poor work performance.

It would be the first of four such notices. The next two notices came in March of this year, just days apart and the final one came in June, her termination notice.

Pat says, "After all of this time, after nine years why are they doing this to people?"

Pat has cashed out her 401k, run out of money and can't pay for her diabetes medication.

Pat says, "I've been on two appeals and they've denied my unemployment."

Meanwhile, back at the distribution center, it's not getting any easier for those people still working.

Connie Perry has worked 13 years at TJ Maxx, "I just hate it. The thought of getting up and having to come to this place every day with the way they are harassing people. They don't like that word but that's what it is. It almost makes you sick to your stomach."

Pat Delgado says she will continue to fight to get her job back and then some, "I want my job back and now I want back pay."

When attempting to contact TJ Maxx General Manager, John Ditulio, 14 News was told to call the corporate office in Massachusetts. We did that but our call was not returned.

14 News was told by a corporate spokesman last week, however that they have no comment and said this issue is between the company and its associates.

One woman, who was fired in September tells 14 News she has filed age and sex discrimination charges against the company. Those charges are pending.

Another woman tells 14 News the company is threatening employees saying that if they go on the air and talk to the press they will lose their jobs. This is a story 14 News will continue to follow.

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