Owensboro still reeling from tornado's

Reporter: Stuart Peck
New Media Producer: Nick Storm

They're still cleaning up after the storm in Owensboro.

Owensboro Grain on Second Street was one of hardest hit. In fact, it's estimated there's nearly four million dollars in damage there.   And the company is still feeling the bitter effects of the storm...one week later.

When you look at the maze of piping... Lifts and tanks at Owensboro grain... You probably would think the structures were spared the wrath of last week's tornado. Look closer though... And you'll see that's not the case at all.

Jeff erb: "it was a tangled mess, I was up on top, and it was just a tangled mess of conveying equipment and spouting. Of course we had to deploy some 100 foot cranes in here to lift that stuff off there and get it down on the ground."

that tangled mess will cost between three and five million dollars to replace... And that doesn't include the time the plant is out of operation.

{09:36:48} erb: "it shut the plant down, because we can't bring beans into the plant or take soy mill out of the plant, it was pretty devastating as far as it completely shut down operations for probably three to four weeks."

now, there is a silver lining for Owensboro grain, because of the extremely dry weather in the tri-state most farmers have already harvested their crop already."

erb: "we were fortunate because the harvest was early around here this year because of the dry, the dry year. And as a result, the big bean lines, the truck lines etc were mostly gone by the time this happened."

Owensboro grain also owned an empty warehouse near by their facility on second street. That structure was hit even harder... Now it's not even standing at all. Company officials tell us a lot of the equipment that has to be replaced has to be fabricated off site...and that could take weeks to complete.