Clinton campaign leads money race

New Media Producer: Linda Tipton

She laughs at tough questions, and no doubt smiles at her latest fundraising news.

Hillary Clinton raised 22 million dollars this summer toward her primary campaign, outpacing all white house hopefuls of both parties.

"Eight million of which was on line alone - and its been very gratifying to see continued growth and momentum day over day quarter after quarter," said Clinton Campaign Internet Director Peter Daou.

Clinton advisers touted the stats - more dollars and more new donors than rival Barack Obama, who raised 19 million since July.

Clinton focused on more low-dollar events and a savvy media campaign that put a Clinton on television almost every day for a month.

Now, the candidates' spouses head overseas to raise funds.  Bill Clinton travels to London Wednesday, Michelle Obama soon to follow.

Globalization means more Americans working, and potentially contributing, from abroad.

"Wherever you can find a group of Americans that can collectively get you a hundred thousand dollars its worth a candidates time to go there," said NBC News Political Director Chuck Todd.

Analysts say the latest totals show Clinton and Obama breaking from the democratic pack.

Together, they have a two to one edge over the top two GOP candidates.

Rudoloph Giuliani and Mitt Romney pulled in eighty million dollars combined.

Republicans hope Clinton's early success might work against her.

GOP fundraisers were quick to respond online to her totals, with pleas to help stop her.

Barack Obama's campaign is conceding nothing to Clinton.

His campaign strategist says the Clintons can take victory laps now, but the Obama campaign will take theirs in the New Year, when primary season is well underway.