Rumor of gun toting student in Union Co.

Reporter: Shannon Samson
New Media Producer: Nick Storm

One month after a threat of violence shakes up Webster County High School, the same thing happens at another western Kentucky school.

Rumors circulated all week about someone bringing a gun to either Union County Middle School or the high school, and that it was to happen Friday. The schools are located across the street from each other on Highway 60 just outside of Morganfield.

Administrators took the threat very seriously and took several measures to keep students safe. Students were hearing different things and many of them were reporting what they heard to the principal.

Principal Matthew Ciecorka, Union County High School, says, "I appreciate the kids coming to me. I always try to have an open office, an open door. I want that information because it helps me make this environment safe."

To keep the environmenmt safe, Principal Ciecorka had K-9's search the building before students arrived at school. Once inside, the kids went through a metal detector and had their backpacks searched. A uniformed officerpatrolled the hallways.

It was a regular school day and students were expected to come to school. Many of them chose not to, and had their parents call them in sick. Attendance was about 55 to 60 percent for Friday.

Many students started coming in for afternoon classes after hearing that they wouldn't be able to attend the Friday night football game if they were absent all day. This time, the rumor was true and many parents didn't like it.

Peggy Shouse, parent, says, "My girls were scared so I didn't force the issue, but if I would have known sooner that she needed to be here, she would have been here."

Administrators say if they were to cancel classes it would only encourage students to make more threats. This one turned out to be a hoax and the principal says it's a big waste of time.

Principal Ciecorka says, "It bothers me because basically the students who aren't here are losing a day of education."

An investigation is underway to find out who started the rumors that created the panic. The principal says the threats take attention away from the CAT scores. The results of the state achievement test will be released next week.