Hot weather disrupts classes

Reporter: Jared Austin
New Media Producer: Nick Storm

A broken air conditioner sent students home early Wednesday at Cairo Elementary, and classes were canceled Thursday. But heat relief has arrived, and school will be back in session on Friday.

Juli Collins, principal at Cairo Elementary, says, "There wasn't any air conditioning on when we arrived at school yesterday morning."

School was canceled Thursday due to the sweltering heat, and children were sent home early Wednesday.

Collins, says, "The number one concern obviously was health issues, so the first thing some of the office staff did was compile a list of any students who might have any health concerns related to the heat. We made sure those students went to the air conditioned library and stayed there."

The library is on a separate cooling system from the rest of the building so the school has been able to offer child care during school hours.

Juli Collins, says, "I think had they stayed until two thirty that could have been a problem"

Earlier this month a water main break canceled classes for one day at Cairo Elementary.

Collins, says, "We will have to make up the water main break, it's not been determined yet if we will have to make today up or not that goes before the commissioner of the board of education."

Now that two new air compressors have arrived school officials hope to get the students back on schedule.

Principal Collins, says, "I hope our students aren't getting to used to the four day school weeks."

Thursday, there was a brief evacuation at East Heights Elementary in Henderson when smoke was detected in an air conditioning unit. Fire officials checked things out and then gave the okay for everyone to go back inside.