Reporter: Marianne Lyles
New Media Producer: Nick Storm

Rescuers recover the body of a Henderson County man who fell into the Green River and never resurfaced. The search began Saturday in Spottsville and crews had been in recovery mode since.

Several agencies from Henderson and Vanderburgh County searched the Green River for 36-year-old William Basham. Family and friends even assisted crews in hopes of speeding up the search.

Two of his nieces discovered Basham's body this morning and reported it to Kentucky conservation officers...heartbreaking news for loved ones waiting back at the Joe Pruden boat ramp.

Monica Basham, William's ex-wife, says, "Its been horrible, but we just wanted to thank everybody for all their help."

Teams from Henderson and Vanderburgh Counties exhausted all efforts 12 miles up the river from the boat ramp.

Chief Bryant Woodard, Henderson City-County Rescue Squad, says,  "We tried dragging in that area, but the water in that area is about 20-40 foot deep so it's like looking for a needle in a haystack."

Te hot weather helped in the recovery of Basham's body. The Spottsville resident was boating in the Geen Rver Saturday, passion of his.

Monica Basham, says, "He loved to boat. He loved to spend time with his kids and family. It's hard, but he's at peace."

Basham's wife called 911 after he fell into the water and never re-surfaced. Preliminary reports say Basham drowned. Those who knew Basham say it was unlike him to jump into the river.

Monica, says, "What the odd thing was him getting in without his life jacket because I guess the current was strong and it's no fault to anybody, but I don't think he could swim very well."

Te rescue squad chief says its still unclear whether Basham was wearing a life jacket when he went into the water, but he advises wearing them even when you're in the boat.