The Deaconess Joint Replacement Program

What makes us different? We believe there are two keys to our success. First, we provide extensive team support to help you through the process. As important, we offer individualized attention throughout. You will never feel like a number in the crowd.

Team Support

As a joint replacement patient, you will have team support from the beginning. Who will be on your team? Our healthcare team, your personal coach, plus many other joint replacement patients going through the same experience.

Our Healthcare Team - Your healthcare team will include physicians, physician assistants, patient care technicians, nurses, orthopedic technicians, physical therapists and occupational therapists - all specializing in total joint care. The Joint Program Coordinator will play a special role. She will coordinate all of your preoperative care, help you plan for your post-surgery needs, and answer all of your questions. She'll even arrange for a personal escort to greet you at the front door the day of your surgery. This greeter will take you directly to the pre-op admission area and activate your hospital account so you can bypass registration.

Your Coach - You will choose a friend or family member to be your personal coach throughout the process. This person will attend your pre-admission testing appointment and other meetings and will be instrumental in providing support during your recovery in the hospital and at home.

Other Patients - Our unique program helps patients help each other. During pre-surgery education, you will meet other patients who will have their surgery the same day as you. These patients will be part of your support system. Your new friends will understand better than anyone else what you're going through. If you're having a hard day, they'll help motivate you. If they're struggling, they know you'll do the same for them. They'll even join you for some good-natured competition. Which patient will walk the farthest each day? Will it be you? Get ready to have some fun while working on your recovery! After you've had time to recover at home, we'll schedule reunions for you and the patients in your group.

Individualized Attention

While you will enjoy group support, you will never feel lost in the crowd. We offer individualized attention during every phase of the program. And because we understand that time alone can be very healing, we will prepare a private room just for you.