Chad's pool story

Reporter: Chad Sewich
New Media Producer: Rachel Beavin

Another problem for an Evansville city pool. This time, it's not a failing system, but vandals that did the damage.

It was a city plumber that spotted the vandalism early Wednesday morning.

Everything has now been cleaned-up, but not before causing a big inconvenience for the staff and swimmers.

Garvin pool lifeguards spent the morning rescuing pizza boxes and longe chairs from the pool.

The overnight vandalism didn't cause any damage to the facility, but delayed opening and canceled morning swim lessons while the staff fished three bags worth of garbage and even this heavy picnic table out.

Security at city pools is in the spotlight, after several young children crawled under a fence at the Anthony Oates Pool a few weeks ago and went swimming after hours.

The fence has since been lowered.

While trespassing is against the law, Evansville Parks Deputy Director, Dan Schall, says the bigger issue for the parks department is the danger it presents, "When we don't have staff here, nobody can save anybody."

Police have stepped-up patrols, but EPD Spokeperson, Steve Green, says with other crimes to respond to, protecting city pools is not a priority, "We don't have park rangers anymore so the city police has to take up that and you know, we do make sure officers drive through the parks as much as they possibly can."

The two park rangers that patrolled the city's 67 parks were eliminated back in 2004 and there are no plans to bring them back. Since there are no cameras at area pools, and police can't always be present, the city relies on the public to keep an eye out and report anything out of the ordinary.