Making a Difference: Meals on wheels volunteers

Anchor: David James
New Media Producer: Nick Storm

A hot meal delivered right to your front door. Meals On Wheels is a great service that's been around a long time and it works because of dozens of volunteers who are making a difference in the Tri-State.

A posse prepares to mount up it's a daily routine at St. Mary's and Deaconess Hospitals, volunteers waiting for the hot food to roll out, and then hitting the road to feed dozens of hungry folks.

Ed Gaul, is one of 90 regular volunteers, and he's been with Meals On Wheels for 26 years. Riding with Ed is Ann Gregory, the Show Choir Director at Castle High School.

Ann Gregory, volunteer and board member, says, "Even though Ed is 87 I do trust his driving ability."

Ed has delivered thousands of meals logging thousands of miles.

Ed Gaul, volunteer driver, says, "I drive once maybe twice a week 20 mile route, I say about 26,000 miles."

The group makes many stops volunteers deliver 100 meals a day, but this is more than just a delivery service.

Myrrl Choate, Meals On Wheels director, says, "Provide a nice warm smile and personal contact only person they see all day."

Meals On Wheels runs on donations with a fleet of five vans to cover the city. The Evansville program started in 1965.

Everyone is glad to see the volunteers, and one of the toughest jobs is to get back on the road to deliver the rest of the meals.

To volunteer or if you know someone who is homebound and needs a daily, hot meal contact Evansville Meals On Wheels at 476-6521.

And let us know if there's someone or group in your hometown making a difference, give David a call or go to our website home page and click on the making a difference icon.