Oprah empire is expanding

The Oprah empire is expanding and this venture has been kept under wraps until now. She's building a new store in chicago, right across the street from her studio.  Oprah's Harpo studios, already a huge draw for the west loop.

This nearly 5,000 square foot space where you could say a major makeover is underway. Soon this'll be home to some of Oprah's "favorite things."

When asked if they would shop there, one person said "I probably would , I like Oprah. So I probably would go. But I'm trying to get on her show first.""

And the store is just steps away from the studio. guests can walk right out of Oprah's studios, and right over here, and go shopping!

And that's not all.

The hope is show guests and other tourists will stay in the area. Chicago Alderman Walter Burnett says "stop and shop.. go to the other stores. .. eat in the area." Alderman Walter Burnett says it's nothing but good. Oprah's been buying additional property in the area for her expanding staff and expanding businesses. Alderman Burnett says "by allowing businesses to grow in the neighborhood, and people in the community get more jobs. So it's a win, win situation."

Some "O" items for sale: DVD's, workout gear, african baskets. An Oprah iPod cover, costs $14. Handwoven baskets, about $25. There are mugs and key chains for $10.

Jim Giudice says, it's "not his kind of store." but he's happy it's moving in.

Officials with Harpo will not reveal a possible opening date for the store.