Task force's

Reporter: Jonathan Hardison
New Media Producer: Amanda Lents

Evansville's Stormwater Task Force says it's now up to the city council to find the money to fix the city's drainage problems.

The task force and consultants have come up with a list of 29 projects for the city's new master plan, four of them are listed as high priorities to ease flooding on the southeast side.

But those four projects alone will cost $53 million. The task force is also asking the council to adopt a formal drainage ordinance to prevent problems in future developments.

City Engineer Pat Keepes says, "It makes it a formality, what we have been asking of developers and their engineers in the past. And that is to provide onsite stormwater detention. This will give us something to fall back on if we don't get that cooperation we've had in the past."

If approved the city's new ordinance would be identical to Vanderburgh County's existing drainage laws.