Make Your Move Memorable

Moving can be a time of chaos and unrest, the kind of turmoil that feels like you are going through a storm in a two-seater plane. If you have moved before you know what a complex, uncertain and sometimes frustrating affair it is, from the moment you put your house on the market until long after your belongings have been unpacked in your new residence.

Some of these difficulties come with the 'moving' territory, but you can learn how to effectively handle them. In fact, the ability to move without madness is not based on trying to avoid all the roadblocks and glitches that are bound to get in your way on the journey to your new destination. The ability to move with composure depends instead on satisfying your needs during this transition. In Moving Without Madness: A Guide To Handling The Stresses And Emotions Of Moving, Arlene Alpert provides suggestions to meet these needs so you have the strength and stamina to do more than just hang in there.

Physical Needs

During the uncertainty of moving your body needs special care. Changes in sleep habits, food intake and exercise can create physical symptoms, such as headaches, backaches, indigestion and immense fatigue. Plan for rest, relaxation and time out, even for a five-minute break or you may have a stress reaction.

Breathing techniques increase oxygen, feed the brain and body, and balance the immune system. One exercise: inhale to the count of two through your nose. Hold for the count of two; exhale to the count of four through your mouth, letting out a sigh.

Emotional Needs

You finally found your dream house. You thought you would be ecstatic. You are, but you also feel weepy. Leaving one home for another can produce mixed feelings. You can manage to control changeable emotions by understanding that they are temporary. Keep talking to yourself in a positive way and the ambivalence will disappear.

Social Needs

You may feel sad having to say goodbye to friends, family and good neighbors. Your children may worry about making new friends. However, human beings are social creatures who can learn to relate with a variety of people. It may take awhile, but you can be sure you will develop a new social system in your new surroundings.

Achievement Needs

We all have a drive to accomplish goals in our life and moving can be one of them. Finding creative ways to complete your move will stimulate your need for accomplishment and then you will start to feel great excitement about the adventure of moving to a new place.

Moving can be a time of transformation. You have the opportunity during this time to enrich your life through different experiences. Moving is also a metaphor for life. It can be painful or joyous. It's all in your perspective. Moving has its ups and downs. You can choose to take the downs in stride and enjoy the ups. During times of transition it is especially important to reduce stress so when the glitches come along try to hold your temper and tell yourself it is only a temporary situation. As you go on with your life make sure you always have steady wings to fly with and a safe nest to come home to.

This article was contributed by Arlene Alpert, MS, LMHC, President/CEO of Jupiter Counseling & Training Institute.