Personal trainer: Better results, fewer injuries...Commentary

Determined to get in shape this summer, I hit the gym full force.  Not getting the results that I was working for, I enlisted the help of a personal trainer.  Instantly, I realized how important it was to learn the right way to work out at the gym.  Just by slightly changing your body position or adding more repetitions with less weight, I started to see the results that I had wanted.  In fact, some of the exercises I was doing before I started working with my trainer, not only were taking me nowhere, but I was possibly hurting my body.

With the help of my trainer, Bobby Grant, at the Healthpark, I thought it was important to mention a couple things about working with a personal trainer.  Bobby has been a personal trainer since 2002 when he graduated from Western Kentucky University in exercise physiology.  He is also ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified and has work ed with athletes as well as special needs.  These are great credentials to look for when finding a personal trainer for yourself, or also being NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) certified.  Other qualities to look for that Grant certainly exhumes are: being inspirational, energetic, competent in exercise physiology, exercise selection, and basic anatomy.

Grant believes that the most important thing to look for in a personal trainer is "Someone that is motivating and willing to help you in any way to achieve your fitness goals."  He explains, "Some traits that I would look for would be someone who is innovative, there are many ways to train a particular body part, and someone capable of implementing fun and challenging variations to a workout keeps you interested in your program."  Personal trainers only want the best for their clients and it is important that trainees keep that in mind.  Bobby says that honesty is a very important quality in workout sessions so that the trainer is aware of any physical pain anywhere for the client.  "...if I am instructing someone to execute an exercise that they feel noticeable pain, I would prefer they tell me rather than ignoring the pain and continuing."

Personal trainers are trained to be respectful of their clients at all times and this should also be shown to them.  Clients should be in time to scheduled workouts ready to exercise and give their all.  Don't wear restrictive clothing that might prevent you from doing certain exercises.  Go into your workout sessions knowing that you are going to sweat and probably have muscle soreness in the beginning.  Absorb as much information as you can from your personal trainer to use in your solo workout routine.

"Consistency is probably one of the most difficult things people encounter when exercising." says Grant.  Although, it is the only way to see results and feel great about yourself.  I recommend that everyone take advantage of a personal trainer when visiting their gym in order not to hurt yourself an to get the best results from their workout.  "Swimsuit season" is just around the corner.  Hit the gym to look healthy and strong.