14 First Alert Dual Doppler

Sitting atop the Owensboro Medical Health Center in Owensboro, Kentucky, 14 Dual Doppler is the ONLY Doppler dedicated to Owensboro and Western Kentucky. 14 Dual Doppler provides a blanket of protection across ALL areas of the Tri-State, to alert you and your family first and keep you safe when the weather turns bad.

This revolutionary radar is unlike any other; its power and size gives the 14 First Alert Weather Team an unprecedented view of incoming severe storms. "This is an exciting new development," 14 First Alert Chief Meteorologist Jeff Lyons explains. "This Doppler will virtually eliminate any blind spots that exist in typical single radar coverage." All radars have a dead area or "blind spot" near the actual dish that does not receive echoes. With two Doppler radar dishes providing overlapping coverage, 14 News viewers are assured a complete radar image, with no blind areas on either side of the river. The radar's design also limits the occurrence of "ground clutter" (false echoes.)

Combined with a second radar dish located at the 14 News studios, it becomes 14 Dual Doppler. "I am pleased our company is dedicated to providing 14WFIE with the latest life-saving tools to keep our viewers safe from the storm,"  14 WFIE TV Vice-President and General Manager Lucy Himstedt announced.

Last year, 14 News launched 14 First Alert, using the same technology used by NASA and the United States Air Force to track oncoming storms. This breakthrough enables the Meteorologists to slice through the storm to determine its strength and severity. "When you put this kind of technology in the hands of an experienced team like Byron Douglas and Chad Sewich and me, you have around-the-clock protection 365 days a year." Chief Meteorologist Jeff Lyons explains.

14 Dual Doppler can be seen on all newscasts (Sunrise, Midday, 5pm, 6pm & 10pm) or viewed anytime on 14wfie.com