Doctors get a taste of their own medicine

An Evansville physician is now practicing what he preaches. After years of telling patients to lose weight, but continuing to pack it on himself, Dr. Scott Uloth says he discovered the secrets to shedding pounds. And he's sharing them with everyone in a new book.

If you're not sure what protein, fat and carbs do to your body, the men who wrote "The Diet Docs and the Amazing Metabolic Transformation" say they can help you. They'll teach you how to eat them all in combination to lose weight. And one of them is living proof that it's not impossible.

Dr. Scott Uloth is finally exercising and maintaining his ideal weight, which is exactly what he'd been telling his patients to do for years. "And you're sitting there, and you're 50 or 60 pounds overweight yourself, you really feel like a bit of a fraud."

He stopped weighing himself when he hit 230 pounds. "I just woke up one morning in December of '03, and just realized I was going to die."

After failing with a national weight loss program, this M.D. sought the help of a PhD. He started training with nationally-recognized nutritional consultant Dr. Joe Klemczewski who taught him how to strike a balance. "You have to keep your calories up to a certain level so your body doesn't think it's starving, but below a certain level that you can lose weight."

Together, they expanded on this theory for a book, "The Diet Docs and the Amazing Metabolic Transformation."

Dr. Klemczewski says, "We give you the ability to create your own type of eating. I mean, there are boundaries, and it's definitive, but it's incredibly flexible. You can eat the foods you like. You can eat ice cream and pizza and still lose weight."

Patients and clients have been following the plan with amazing results. Kristin Werner, following plan, recalls, "In the first month, I dropped about six percent body fat and nine and a half pounds."

The strongest testimonial, however, may come from the guy on the cover. Dr. Uloth lost 62 pounds and has kept it off for three years making him, among other things, a more empathetic doctor. "Now, I can say, 'Look, I'm not just going to tell you to lose weight. I'm going to tell you how to lose weight, and you can look at me and see that it's possible.'"

The book costs $32 and is available at Barnes and Noble or on In just a month, this book has sold 500 copies all over the world.

The doctors are already looking ahead to their next book on childhood obesity.