Healthy motivation

Reporter:Shannon Samson

New Media Producer:Amanda Lents

Good health can be achieved at any age. That's the message Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels had for residents of Solarbron Pointe during a visit Monday. He came to Evansville to recognize the retirement campus for its dedication to wellness.

Solarbron Pointe is celebrating the one-year anniversary of a new wellness initiative that's been inspiring residents to take better care of themselves. Older Americans sometimes aren't the easiest group to motivate, but organizers say they've figured out what works. It's information Governor Mitch Daniels wants to know to share with the rest of the state.

Gov. Daniels told the senior audience  "As you have throughout your lives, you're setting a great example for Hoosier of all ages."

Governor Daniels recognized residents who've excelled in the program Solarbron is calling "A New Year... A New You."

That new year started in 2006 when program director Gordon Benfield decided the fitness program could stand some improvement. He purchased new hydraulic equipment and doubled the size of the campus workout room.

Benfield had this to say about senior participation "They come here everyday. They sit down. They workout. They talk. They socialize. It's the whole package."

To keep them coming back, Solarbron instituted a program where residents earn points and then prizes for every healthy activity they complete. This unique approach caught the eye of Governor Daniels who is constantly trying to reinvent his Inshape Indiana program to keep hoosiers motivated.

Gov. Daniels says "I can do chin-ups all day on television. I can give all the speeches possible, but we need places like Solarbron. We need schools and businesses and hospitals and whole communities to start their own programs. We need to get people wholesale if we really want to change behavior in a state of 6 million people."

Francis Miller is one of those six million people who is setting a good example. He plays pool, golf, shuffleboard and takes walks. Don't ask him if any of it's gotten any harder as he's gotten older.

"Well you'll have to wait until I start to get older before I can answer that one. I'm just 84 now."

And he's feeling too good to slow down.