Good Shepherd: Kids can't wait to return

Reporter: Liza Danver
New Media Producer: Rachel Beavin

While most students are gearing up spring break, kids from an Evansville Catholic school can't wait to return to class.

Good Shepherd School was damaged by fire at the end of last year. But repairs are almost complete, and the students are preparing to move back in.

For the past three months, third, fourth, and fifth graders from Good Shepherd Catholic School been attending class at Holy Redeemer. Good Shepard fifth grader Olivia Shafer says, "They've been really nice to us and I've met a couple new friends."

Fire damaged Good Shepherd back in December. But to make sure the students wouldn't miss out on any class work, Holy Redeemer offered to help out by donating a few unused classrooms and integrating the displaced students into their everyday routine. Good Shepard Teacher Paula Bell says the move felt natural, "It was tremendous. It was like we didn't even leave home."

But of course there were a few growing pains, like learning how to work in tighter quarters. Across the hall from the fifth grade is the third and fourth grade room. Two grades in one room.

It's empty now because parents have packed up everything to move back to Good Shepherd. And fifth grader Justine Blanke says she is excited to return to Good Shepard,"I look forward to going back to good shepherd because as soon as I walk in I feel like I'm at home."

Good Shepherd is almost ready for teachers and students to come back. By the time spring break is over on April  2nd, construction on the school is expected to be complete. And class will once again be in session. Good Shepherd teachers say the community also helped out by donating supplies, desks and chairs.