Weight loss success: Teachers lose as a group

We only have two more weeks left in the Get Fit with 14 program. We're almost done, so don't give up.

So far we've lost 1,329 pounds. Businesses across the Tri-State are participating in Get Fit. Their weight loss has helped bring us closer to our 1,400 pound goal.

At Reitz High School in Evansville,  several teachers signed up for the program. Together they've lost around 150 pounds. As part of their weight loss program, 18 Reitz teachers weigh in every Tuesday morning. It motivates them to stick to their new-found healthy lifestyle.

Marketing teacher John Schellenberg says, "I think it's been good for us because we're competing at it and having fun too."

Most of the teachers involved in the program say the most difficult part of losing weight is finding the time to exercise and cook healthy meals. Schellenberg says, "I try to make it a point to watch what I eat and try to find the time to run."

Marketing teacher Bobbi Bell says, "The most difficult part is eating healthy. And not just doing a binge diet. I'm trying to do it healthy by adding exercise."

But teachers say the sacrifices they've made, by choosing healthier lifestyles, have been worth it. Schellenberg says, "Getting out and exercising and eating better foods just makes me feel better."

English teacher Jana Schlosser says, "I have a lot more energy, I'm not hungry because I'm eating the right kind of foods."

The teachers say you too can feel good by losing weight. They believe the easiest way is to shed pounds as a group. Bell says, "Get with your friends and try to implement some kind of exercise program or healthy diet that everybody can stick to. Keep a record of it, a journal, and make sure your keeping yourself accountable for how your living or trying to lose weight."