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SSI: Residents furious about return of businessman

Reporter: Stefanie Silvey
New Media Producer: Rachel Chambliss

A window salesman with a history of broken promises is back in business. And the news about Jose Luna has shocked officials at the State Attorney General's Office, the Better Business Bureau and the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor's Office. But, they all admit, Jose Luna isn't doing anything illegal.

A 14 News investigation reveals Jose Luna is the new director of operations for a company called Window Tree in Evansville. You may remember Luna as the former owner of Cherokee Windows. He was accused and convicted of defrauding homeowners in Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois. And, at one point, was said to owe as much as $500,000 to them. Now, Jose Luna is out of jail and hoping to make a fresh start with a new company.

Jose Luna, director of operations, says, "One step at a time."

Luna now goes by the name J.C. It's part of what he's calling a new beginning. "After four years of incarceration, you just try to start over."

Luna says he never tried to hide from his past or take the easy way out. "I could have taken the easy way out, and I chose not to. And that's what brought me back to Evansville to confront one at a time."

He's listed as director of operations of Window Tree of Evansville. His boss is Rick Bogacki. "Jose has a lot of experience."

Bogacki is well aware of Luna's past, but says everyone is entitled to a second chance. "I don't want to ignore his experience because of the mistakes he has made. I've made mistakes in my past; mistakes is what makes us who we are."

But Bill Gardner and Joann Finley say Luna's been given plenty of chances; both have yet to receive money or windows from orders they made with Luna in 2003.

Finley says, "I haven't seen anything, nothing."

Gardner describes, "It's scary to think that a guy like that can be put into a position where he can do this to people again."

They are just two of the customers who are waiting for their portion of the $500,000 he still owes. "I can't see how he can look himself in the mirror and go to work everyday thinking he is an honest business person, and how would you trust somebody like that again?" Gardner exclaims.

Finley says Luna picked the wrong victim in her. "The wrong person, baby. I'm going to be his shadow."

But Luna insists, he's back in business to help right his wrongs. "The whole reason I came back to Evansville is to make it accessible for everybody and anybody in my past to contact me."

Finley assures, "As long as I have life in my body, I'm going to be on this man. I'm going to be on him for mine."

And the Attorney General's Office and Prosecutor's Office both say they are keeping an eye on him, too.

Window Tree is listed as a member of the Better Business Bureau. They've only been in business since January. So far, there have been no reported complaints.

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